3 Tips to Fight NYC Parking Tickets and Win

Follow these steps and you will save money on NYC parking tickets

fight nyc parking ticketI love Twitter. I plug in the search term on my tweet deck, “parkingticket”, and you cannot imagine the volume of tweets that follow ranting about parking tickets. Most of these tweets are rated R for violent language.  I wonder what these people do next?

Here are your 3 steps to NYC parking ticket success:

  • Inspect the front of the parking ticket for mistakes, such as the wrong:
    • date, time, place of violation, violation code, license plate, registration expiration date, make/model
    • Absence of parking ticket agent signature
    • If any of the above information is incorrect, YOU WIN!
  • Investigate whether you have a defense for the parking violation you were charged with, for example:
    • Code 19 Bus Stop-your defense is that you stopped temporarily to discharge or receive a passenger(s); and did not block the path of a bus
    • Code 40 Fire Hydrant-your defense is that you were not parked within 15 feet of the fire hydrant; or, someone was sitting behind the steering wheel, ready to move your vehicle upon a request to do so
    • Code 46 Double Parking-your defense for non-commercial vehicles is that you were stopped dropping off or picking up a passenger(s)
    • Codes 16, 21, 34, or 46-If you are a commercial organization, you can beat these 5 code violations every single time, with the proper work order; or other document evidencing that you were engaged in a commercial activity at that location
  • If the front of your NYC parking ticket has no mistakes, and you can’t muster up a valid defense; take advantage of the NYC parking fine reduction program. At least your fine will be reduced by approximately 18% to 22%

I urge you to follow these 3 steps to success. If you genuinely owe the ticket, pay it. Otherwise, stand up for your freedom to move about New York City without paying an extra tariff for lawfully parking your vehicle

beat nyc parking ticket, nyc parking lawsDrop us a note.  Share your thoughts and opinions. It will help all of us.

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