4 Ways to Beat a NYC Parking Ticket because of SNOW

Tuesday, December 28, 2010 Update: ASP Rules and parking meters are still  suspended. But, you must continue to obey all parking signs.


ASP suspended due to snowParking ticket knowledge is power

I responded to a comment from Theresa on Larry’s Blog today about parking rules on snow days. Theresa called 311, but wasn’t able to get answers to all of her questions. It motivated me to write a post about the do’s and don’ts on days our sidewalks and streets are covered with huge amounts of snow.

  • On days like today when ASP Rules are suspended due to snow, you must still feed the meters, AND obey all parking signs
  • Most judges will find you guilty of violating a parking rule on a parking sign covered with snow. If the parking sign is covered with snow, making the rule invisible, you can still be issued a parking ticket and found guilty. Snow is not a defense
  • “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander”…If you are issued a parking ticket today, be sure to check to see if the warrior inserted, “N/S”–SNOW. Most judges will not allow the warrior to get away with omitting a required element because your registration is covered with snow
  • You can be issued a NYC parking ticket for a fire hydrant violation, even if the pump is invisible due to snow. Most judges will find you guilty. Photographs of snow covered, invisible fire hydrants, will not set you free

Is there a difference between “Snow Emergencies” and “Snow Holidays”

Yes! A big, huge, very large difference. Today is a “Snow Holiday.” Here’s a link to a post I wrote about “Snow Emergencies” you may find helpful.

Any snow parking ticket experiences? Share…please!

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