Why Some People Almost Always Beat No Standing Tickets

this is a no standing parking sign in NYC

No standing tickets can be beaten Have you ever uttered the following statement about any of your successful friends? “Some people have all the luck.” In my humble opinion, it isn’t luck. It’s the power of knowledge and preparation. The same holds true when fighting no standing tickets. You avoid these ubiquitous NYC fundraisers with […]

Warning: Gotten a Boot and Tow Recently? (Reply from DOT)

boot and tow inflicts two punishments for the same parking violation

The NYC DOT responded to my letter about the unconscionable 2-hour boot and tow This is part-4 in our boot and tow miniseries. In our last episode (Take Action), Larry (that’s me) wrote letters to various stakeholders, including the NYC DOT. In this episode, we’ll share the rapid fire reply from the NYC DOT. It […]

How I Beat Registration and Inspection Parking Tickets

Delete sign represents finding a defect on NYC registration and inspection parking tickets

Registration and Inspection parking tickets can be beaten Has this ever happened to you?: “Oh man, I was on my way to get my chariot inspected, parked for 2 seconds and got an expired inspection parking ticket” “Yikes, I didn’t realize my registration expired yesterday…” Ca-ching! “I didn’t receive my renewal registration sticker in the mail. I […]

3 Parking Ticket Laws and Rules Everybody Ought to know about

Lady with questions about NYC parking ticket laws and rules

Parking ticket laws and rules can be your friend or foe The extraordinary number of parking ticket laws and rules that regulate curb space can make even the most experienced New Yorker’s queasy about parking their chariots. When you return to your car or truck, do you breathe a sigh of relief when there isn’t […]

Warning: Gotten a Boot and Tow Recently? Read This (Take Action)

Advocacy helps to end unconscionable practice of the 2-hour boot and tow

The 2-hour boot and tow is unconscionable This is the third part of a three-part series. Here are links to the first two-parts: Warning: Gotten a Boot and Tow Recently? Read This Warning: Gotten a Boot and Tow Recently? Read This (Part Two) In Part three, we’re going to communicate with: Commissioner of Department of […]

Top 10 NYC Driveways You Shouldn’t Block

This imaginary warrior is the guardian of NYC driveways

NYC driveways to stay clear of Owners of NYC driveways have many ways to inflict pain on inconsiderate drivers that block their driveways. For example: Sticking sticky stickers on the car Calling  the police Calling Captain Hook Leaving threatening notes on windshields However, these and other tactics haven’t put an end to the extreme sport […]