The Secret of Avoiding the Latest Parking Ticket Trap

parking ticket trap saying, if wishes were horses beggars would ride

Parking ticket traps are springing up everywhere Sue recently brought this parking ticket trap to my attention after being hit with a $115 no stopping violation. My first thought was why would an experienced member of the driving public park her chariot in a no stopping zone? My second thought was to check out the […]

Who Else Wants These NYC Parking Ticket Laws to Pass?

Will these NYC parking ticket laws ever see the light of day?

Will these NYC parking ticket laws ever see the light of day? There are many members of the NY City Council who support the driving public by introducing quality of life NYC parking ticket legislation. Some of the bills, such as the: “5-minute grace period” laws “DOT parking regulation map “ ┬áThe dismissal of parking […]

How I Fought a Fire Hydrant Parking Ticket and Won

This diagram shows the distance you can park from a fire hydrant to avoid a NYC fire hydrant ticket

How to beat a fire hydrant parking ticket An NYC fire hydrant parking ticket is one of the quintessential parking tickets of all times. Battle-scarred residents of New York City always insist that they parked their chariots more than fifteen feet from the hydrant. While myriad visitors to our fair city lament that they didn’t […]

The Secret of Avoiding a NYC Parking Ticket Trap

NYC parking ticket trap mantra is the stricter parking rule wins

NYC parking ticket traps are set by the Evil Empire to take your money Last week we wrote a blog post about an NYC parking ticket trap in Brooklyn near Prospect Park West and Ninth Street. This trap was a major revenue raiser for the Evil Empire raking in $72,000 in a 6-month period. Wowzers. […]

Which State’s Drivers Pay the Most NYC Parking Ticket Fines?

NYC parking ticket fines were paid by drivers in all 50 states and Canada

Which States’ drivers pay the least NYC parking ticket fines? When g-d was handing out math/data analysis/statistics skills, I was standing in the NYC parking ticket line. Figures, right. I am desperately seeking those skills to this day. That’s one of the reasons why I am mesmerized by the work of Professor Ben Wellington. Professor […]

Has this NYC Parking Ticket Trap Grabbed your Money Yet?

This image shows this parking sign is a NYC parking ticket trap

This hardworking NYC parking ticket trap has earned $72,000 in 6-months The Daily News blew the cover off a NYC parking ticket trap today in an exclusive report: Four parking spots by Prospect Park are generating piles of green for city coffers from drivers unaware the area is off limits during warmer weather months, records […]