The Reasons behind 3 NYC Parking Ticket Rules

This image tells us its time to learn...the NYC parking ticket rules

You gotta learn the whys and wherefores behind NYC parking ticket rules I love this quotation… The same holds true about NYC parking ticket rules, regulations and laws. If you simply memorize the rules, regulations and laws, you’ll have a difficult time recalling them during your search for safe curb space. Especially when you’re reading […]

3 Mistakes to Avoid when Parking in NYC

This image represents being caught in a trap

Don’t get caught in a parking ticket trap when parking in NYC The New York minute you stop paying attention to parking signs, you’ll end up being a notch on a warrior’s scanner. Do your best to avoid the myriad parking ticket traps set for unsuspecting members of the driving public. Have the perseverance to […]

Should Unpaid Parking Tickets Disqualify Mayor’s Aide?

This image of a red card relates to the question of disqualification from City Hall service

Should Mayor seek resignation of Aide with unpaid parking tickets? The shock and awe of it! There is s member of the NYC driving public with unpaid parking tickets. And, some of the unpaid parking tickets are in judgment: Noerdlinger owes $875.61 on nine parking tickets her Mercedes-Benz got in the past year in The […]

Speed Trap or Justified Consequence for Speeding?

This image is a man warning motorists they are approaching a speed camera trap

  Speed camera issued a barrel full of tickets in one day Residents of Sheepshead Bay better beware of a speed camera located on Shore Parkway between Ocean Parkway and West Avenue, at the at the very end of a 400-foot-long exit ramp. Locals and Councilman Mark Treyger expressed outrage at the placement, calling it […]

The Next Legal Parking Holidays in October 2014

This image asks do you know the next legal parking holidays are...

Do you know the next legal parking holidays in October in NYC? We love legal parking holidays because they give us a respite from the recurring grind of moving our chariot for street cleaning. The next legal parking holidays when ASP parking rules are suspended are: Shemini Atzereth falls on October 16, 2014 (Thursday) Simchas […]

5 NYC Parking Ticket Cases you Ought to Know About

This image is the NY Supreme Court building located in NYC

5 NYC parking ticket cases that will save you money There is some wonderful information contained in these five NYC parking ticket cases. You’ll be amazed at the Appeal Court rulings that the Evil Empire essentially ignores in deciding parking ticket cases. The five cases are: Matter of Ryder Truck Rental, Inc. Matter of Wheels, […]

How to Beat a “Play Street” NYC Parking Ticket

This image is one of the early "Play Streets" in NYC

A customer success story about beating a “Play Street” NYC parking ticket I recently received a telephone call from a wonderful friend of New York Parking Ticket, Jennifer, who needed  help fighting a “Play Street” NYC parking ticket. I confess that this was my very first “Play Street” parking ticket. I did some research and […]