Case Study: How to Beat a NYC Parking Ticket

The third option to describe a place of occurrence on a NYC parking ticket is the pirate treasure map description

How to beat a NYC parking ticket because the parking rule was misdescribed Diane, a wonderful member of our NYC parking ticket community, was issued a No parking violation. The warrior entered one of those mystical, pirate map descriptions of the parking space, as follows: “ES 163rd Street, 70 feet N/ of Jamaica Avenue, Queens, […]

5 NYC Parking Ticket Conundrums You Ought to Know About

This relates to the NYC parking ticket challenges faced by the driving public

A NYC parking ticket poses many questions you should be able to answer There are two definitions of a conundrum: A confusing or difficult problem or question A question asked for amusement, typically one with a pun in its answer; a riddle One thing a parking ticket conundrum is not, and that is a “question […]

5 Reasons Why You’re Still Getting NYC Parking Tickets

A cop issuing NYC parking tickets

How to artfully dodge NYC parking tickets I disagree with the bromide, “NYC parking tickets are a fact of life if you drive in New York City.” It’s time to cure this old “saw” and take back control of the curb space. One of our recurring mantra’s is “knowledge is power, ” but sometimes it’s […]

5 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Chances to Beat a Parking Ticket

killer mistakes eliminate your chance to beat a parking ticket

Beat a parking ticket by eliminating these 5 killer mistakes What’s the difference between a simple, run-of-the-mill mistake and a killer mistake? A simple mistake is one that can be easily corrected and doesn’t cause a bunch of damages. A killer mistake is a painful blunder that costs you a bunch of money. Here are […]

Why Some People Almost Always Beat No Standing Tickets

this is a no standing parking sign in NYC

No standing tickets can be beaten Have you ever uttered the following statement about any of your successful friends? “Some people have all the luck.” In my humble opinion, it isn’t luck. It’s the power of knowledge and preparation. The same holds true when fighting no standing tickets. You avoid these ubiquitous NYC fundraisers with […]

Warning: Gotten a Boot and Tow Recently? (Reply from DOT)

boot and tow inflicts two punishments for the same parking violation

The NYC DOT responded to my letter about the unconscionable 2-hour boot and tow This is part-4 in our boot and tow miniseries. In our last episode (Take Action), Larry (that’s me) wrote letters to various stakeholders, including the NYC DOT. In this episode, we’ll share the rapid fire reply from the NYC DOT. It […]