A NYC Parking Ticket for Unaltered Commercial Vehicle

This image is a pick-up truck bearing commercial plates as an example of an unaltered commercial vehicle in NYC

How to avoid a NYC parking ticket for unaltered commercial vehicle Joe parked his white pick-up truck with an unladen weight of 6,500 pounds, bearing commercial plates, with the name and address of the registered owner of the vehicle in 4-inch high, light grey lettering, displayed on the left side door of his truck. He […]

NYC Parking Tickets Stats and Facts

This is a magnafying glass increasing the size of charts and data

NYC Parking Tickets stats and facts I love crawling into bed at night after a long day of fighting for truth, justice, and dismissals of NYC parking tickets, and reading the Mayor’s Management Report. if you are a stat freak and enjoy reading about facts and figures, here are some parking ticket numbers for fiscal […]

Double Parking Ticket Blitz will cost you a $115 Parking Fine

This is an image of a cop issuing a double parking ticket to a motorist in NYC

Double parking has been targeted by NYPD for stricter enforcement Joe figured he would double park for a couple of minutes while his wife ran into the market to pick up some milk. The milk cost 4 bucks, but the double parking ticket cost Joe $115. Ted has been driving his truck for twenty years, […]

The Ultimate Guide to Parking a Motorcycle in NYC-Part II

This is an image of a motorcycle parked in front of a parking sign

This is Part II of the ultimate guide to parking a motorcycle in NYC You may wish to start with Part I before learning who murdered the parking tickets (spoiler alert…nah). Are you ready for some more amazingly valuable information about parking your motorcycle in New York City? 5. Know your rights, and fight every […]

A Major Change Pending in Alternate Side Parking Law

This image of winds of change represent the proposed change in the street cleaning law in NYC

Wonderful quality of life street cleaning bill re-introduced to NYC Council If at first you don’t succeed, try re-introducing the same bill reforming the harsh street cleaning rules in NYC. And that’s exactly what Ydanis Rodriguez did on February 4, 2014. However, this time Councilman Rodriquez is the chairman of the Transportation Committee, and the NYC […]

5 Essential Tips for the NYC Parking Ticket Public

this image has the 4 tips contained in this blog post

5 Essential tips for the NYC parking ticket public to help avoid parking tickets I am a peruser. I peruse the Internet, newspapers, NYC agency websites, and just about anything that is perusable. The joy of perusing is sharing the stuff I stumbled upon during my perusalling. So, here it goes. The official website of […]