Shocking News about Pedestrian Ramp Parking Tickets

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Pedestrian ramp parking tickets are significantly declining Jeff recently posted a troubling comment about a pedestrian ramp parking ticket and tow he received while his chariot was parked in front of a legal pedestrian ramp. That type of bad behavior drives me nuts! Scam pedestrian ramp parking tickets should not be issued. The pedestrian ramp […]

NYC Parking Tickets Fascinating Factoids

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NYC parking tickets generate buzz and revenue If you want to ignite some passion in a New York City motorist, ask, “have you ever received an unjust parking ticket?” I promise sparks will fly. Parking tickets generate roughly $550M in revenue for the City that never sleeps. And, NYC Parking tickets are responsible for 60% […]

NY Appeals Court Reverses NYC Parking Violations Bureau

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NYC Parking Violations Bureau ordered to dismiss 38 parking violations NYC Parking Violations Bureau lost its fight to uphold guilty findings for 38 parking violations issued to Nestle Waters N. America, Inc. The dispute centered around what constituted a misdescribed required element pursuant to VTL 238 and VTL 238 (2). [See, Matter of Nestle Waters […]

3 Sure-Fired Tips to Beat a NYC Parking Ticket

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How to significantly increase your chances to beat a NYC parking ticket Learning how to beat a NYC parking ticket takes relentless repetition. But, that doesn’t mean the repetition has to be exactly the same. We all have different styles of learning about stuff. For example, some of us process: With our eyes With our […]

NYC Parking Vigilantes

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NYC parking vigilantes-fair or foul? I receive a bunch of telephone calls, and comments on Larry’s Parking Ticket Blog about the evils of illegally saving parking spaces, blocking driveways, and all kinds of bad parking behavior. For example: There was the guy who punched a woman who was saving a parking space (not Ray Rice) […]

5 NYC Parking Rules you may have missed

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5 NYC parking rules you may not know Did you  know that… 1.  M(1) Wrong way parking prohibited. Except where angle parking is authorized, every vehicle stopped, standing, or parked partly upon a roadway shall be so stopped, standing or parked parallel to the curb or edge of the roadway. On a one way roadway […]

Don’t Fight NYC Parking Tickets without these 3 Free Resources

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Larry uses these 3 free resources to fight NYC parking tickets The best things in life are free, or so the song goes. And, when you’re fighting NYC parking tickets,  the best resources to win with are free. Larry’s top 3 choices for best in class are: NYC Serve E-Service Center NYC Department of Transportation […]

NYC Parking Ticket Quiz

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This is a NYC parking ticket quiz to measure your knowledge of the parking rules  and regulations Learning takes relentless repetition, especially when the subject of the NYC parking ticket quiz is parking rules and regulations. Below you’ll find an open website quiz containing: Questions Answers Links to blog posts about the subject matter of […]