How to Win a Double Parking Ticket Appeal

The thrill of winning a not guilty for a double parking ticket appeal

Winning a Double Parking Ticket Appeal can be done Sue was clock watching at work. Tic…tic…tic…5:00 p.m. Sue put on her coat, gloves, and boots and was ready to face a cold winter’s night. She got in her mini-van and braved the freezing weather to pick up her husband and one-and-one-half-year-old daughter from daycare. With […]

The Secret to Beating an Expired Registration Parking Ticket

sticker shock caused by a parking ticket for expired registration sticker

An ounce of prevention is worth avoiding a $65 parking ticket for expired registration sticker Joe was walking to his chariot one morning and feeling pretty darn good about life. He enjoyed his usual morning cup of coffee and was headed to play some golf. As he approached his car, a little birdie (not the […]

The Secret of Avoiding the Latest Parking Ticket Trap

parking ticket trap saying, if wishes were horses beggars would ride

Parking ticket traps are springing up everywhere Sue recently brought this parking ticket trap to my attention after being hit with a $115 no stopping violation. My first thought was why would an experienced member of the driving public park her chariot in a no stopping zone? My second thought was to check out the […]