Proposed NYC Parking Laws that will Amaze you

This image is an amazing animal friendship corresponding with the amazing proposed NYC parking laws

NYC parking laws pending before the NYC Council I enjoy walking through the cyberspace corridors of the NYC Council and reading the proposed laws pertaining to parking and parking regulations. They are thoughtful, commonsensical, NYC parking laws that will enhance the quality of life for the driving public. These laws are proposed by members of […]

Is Mayor DeBlasio in Favor of the Street Cleaning Bill?

This image is a vintage NYC street sweeper

Mayor DeBlasio opposes the Street Cleaning Bill Mayor DeBlasio and his band of merry men and women notified the NYC Council on Monday that his honor opposed the Street Cleaning Bill recently re-introduced by Transportation Chairman, Ydanis Rodriguez. The street cleaning bill would enhance the quality of life for the NYC driving public that suffers […]

Got a Parking Ticket but never Parked in NYC?

This is an image of an invisable car with a NYC parking ticket stuck under the wiper

What to do after getting a parking ticket in NYC, despite never driving there Joe walked to his mailbox in rural Pennsylvania, reached inside, and pulled out a bunch of envelopes. Joe thought to himself, “the usual suspects, my Verizon bill, non-paperless bank statement, and what’s this? A letter from the NYC Department of Finance. […]

Will Street Cleaning Bill Pass or Fail?

This image shows what happens on street cleaning days when the sweeper passes in a NYC neighborhood

Are you in favor of the new street cleaning bill?Click To TweetPowered By CoSchedule Will a street cleaning bill previously introduced in 2010 by NYC Councilperson, Ydanis Rodriguez, and re-introduced by now Transportation Committee chairman, Ydanis Rodriguez ever see the light of day?  Some of the stakeholders are the same (NYC Sanitation Department still opposes […]