NYC Parking Ticket Slowdown Results are Startling

NYC parking ticket slowdown chart showing drop in revenue

Did the NYC parking ticket slowdown significantly reduce revenue for NYC? Whether you’re for or against the police slowdown, the impact of the police action was felt throughout the city. Patrick McGeehan from the NY Times, wrote a terrific article about the impact of the slowdown. I’m going to highlight some of the fascinating information. […]

5 NYC Parking Ticket Tips that Save you Money

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NYC parking ticket tips help you avoid and beat unjust parking tickets I recently spoke with Donna, a wonderful member of the driving pubic, who was issued an unjust NYC parking ticket, fought it, and lost. What a shame, since there was a misdescribed required element that entitled her to assassinate the evil parking ticket. […]

NYC Parking Tickets Noteworthy News

This is an image of a police officer holding a slow down sign

NYC parking tickets are creating quite a stir I’ve been blogging regularly for the past six years, publishing between 3-6 articles per week. It was time for a break to recharge the old mental batteries. I published my last blog article on December 9, 2014. Well, I’m back. My batteries are fully recharged, and I’m […]

5 NYC Driveway Mistakes that Spell Disaster

This image is a man standing under an umbrella in a lightening storm, comparable to parking in front of a NYC driveway

Are you parking in front of a NYC driveway and risking a $115 parking fine? What’s worse than getting a $115 parking ticket for blocking a NYC driveway?…Trying to exit your driveway, and having some inconsiderate driver blockade you in. NYC driveway blocking is a dangerous activity, with both the blocker and blockee risking life and […]

Does NYC Parking Ticket Data Astound you?

This image is a Lucy showing shock

Shocking NYC parking ticket data for Fiscal Year 2014 The astonishing number of parking tickets issued, and stupefying amount of revenue generated from NYC parking tickets never ceases to amaze me (despite regularly perusing the C.A.F.R. and Mayor’s Management Report). In 2014, 8.5M parking tickets were issued in the City that never sleeps with  a […]

Don’t Park in NYC until you read this

This image is about learning from you mistakes

Park in NYC after learning the fundamental rules of the curb Is the art of picking a safe space to park in NYC an acquired trait? Or Is your DNA wired to speed read, process confusing data, and make sound decisions 100% of the time? In case you’re like me, and we’ve got to learn […]