A Secret Revealed about “Place of Occurrence” on a NYC Parking Ticket

A Secret Revealed about “Place of Occurrence” on a NYC Parking Ticket
A Secret Revealed about “Place of Occurrence” on a NYC Parking Ticket

NYC parking tickets

“Place of Occurrence” is NYC parking ticket gold

“Place of Occurrence” is NYC parking ticket gold

I am a giant fan of Western movies. Do you remember the scenes when the good guys pan for gold, and the bad guys steal the rights to the land, or just kill ‘em for those little gold nuggets? Here is some NYC parking ticket gold. Do you have the gumption to fight the bad guys for your dismissal?

Let me run some parking ticket numbers by you. 10M NYC parking tickets issued last year. We find about 10% of the handwritten tickets have omitted, misdescribed or illegible required elements. Let’s say there were, conservatively speaking, 3M handwritten tickets issued last year. This means 300,000 parking tickets eligible for dismissal upon application. There is gold in them darn handwritten tickets.

What about the remaining 7M digital, scanned dismissal-proof NYC parking tickets?

We find gold in approximately 1-3% of the remaining scanned parking tickets. What is 3% of 7M?  According to a very old man’s abacus, that is 210,000 parking tickets with mistakes. If I were panning for gold, I’d go right to the “Place of Occurrence.”

We get many, many telephone calls from members of the NYC driving public.  Here’s how the conversation generally goes:

  • Larry B:  Is your parking ticket hand-written or scanned?
  • NYCDP:  Scanned
  • Larry B:  Have you checked for mistakes on the front of your parking ticket?
  • NYCDP:  No, it is a scanned ticket. You know, computerized, mistake-proof, perfect, incontestable
  • Larry B:  Have you checked the “Place of occurrence?”
  • NYCDP:  Well no
  • Larry B:  Humor an old man
  • NYCDP:  Sure… Hey, the place of occurrence is wrong!

This happens all the time. the parking ticket warrior forgets to insert in front of or opposite. You win. Oops. The warrior completely blew the address. You win. Oh, the warrior inserted the old, corner of (C/O)….No can do. You win. How about the old treasure hunt place of occurrence, E/S of 7th Avenue 30 feet south of the north side of the left hand corner of….Get out of jail free!

Interactive maps

Here is a bonus secret. Never before revealed. Parking ticket GOLD. Use the interactive maps with street view on our website (has the parking signs included). Or, use Google Maps with street view to check out the accuracy of a place of occurrence, without leaving the comfort of your kitchen (thought I’d say living room, eh?). You will be shocked at the results.

The value of a reduced fine? $20. A dismissal of your parking ticket? PRICELESS! Always, every time, without fail, pan for “Place of Occurrence” parking ticket gold.

nyc parking ticket, beat parking ticket, fight new york parking ticketPlease share your parking ticket dismissal experiences. How else will we win the hearts and minds of the NYC driving public. When you’re right–FIGHT!

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