Beat Your Ticket

How to Beat your ticket for a Fire Hydrant Violation

This is an image of dogs parked next to a fire hydrant, representing the subject of this page about beating a fire hydrant parking ticket

The Rule:

  1. No person shall stop, stand or park a vehicle
  2. within fifteen (15) feet of a fire hydrant,
  3. unless otherwise indicated by signs, or parking meters,
  4. except that during the period from sunrise to sunset
  5. the operator of a passenger car
  6. may stand the vehicle alongside a fire hydrant provided that
  7. the operator remains in the operator’s seat
  8. ready for immediate operation of the vehicle at all times, and
  9. starts the motor of the car on hearing the approach of fire apparatus, and
  10. provided further that the operator shall immediately remove the car from alongside the hydrant
  11. when instructed to do so by any member of the police,fire, or other municipal department acting in his/her official capacity

The Defense If you are charged with parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant

  • Do not leave your parking space after receiving the orange epistle without taking photographs of your car (with a fixed landmark in the photograph) showing the space between your car (with the fixed landmark) and the pump. You can return to the scene of the parking crime later, measure the distance between the fixed landmark and the pump, and snap your photographs
  • I strongly recommend you navigate the mean streets of NYC with a tape measure in your glove compartment. When you get clipped with a parking ticket for a fire hydrant violation, you can whip out your trusty tape measure, enlist the help of a passerby, measure the distance between your vehicle and the pump, and snap some photographs with your cell phone camera
  • Unlike horseshoes, the closest vehicle to the pump oftentimes loses in the wacky world of NYC parking tickets. Please be sure you’re parked more than 15 feet away, and can prove it. You may even wish to snap a photograph with your cell phone camera (with a landmark in the photograph) before you go about your business
  • Leave a licensed driver behind the wheel with the keys ready to move upon request while you run your errand, whenever practicable

Don’t forget the other defenses. For example, if you legally park in a space with a parking meter, and in doing so, your vehicle ends up within 15 feet of a pump, you can beat this ticket (See, #3 above) [Larry’s note: I love the drawing of the fire hydrant. You may wish to check out some other wonderful drawings at Just click on the photo]

How to beat a bus stop parking ticket

bus stop parking ticket The best way to beat a bus stop violation is:

  • Be like the dragon, drop-off your passengers from a distance. Stay out of a bus stop zone whenever possible
  • Know where a bus stop ends
  • Only enter a bus stop zone temporarily (2 minutes or less) to expeditiously drop-off or pick-up a passenger to or from the curb
  • Avoid interacting with a bus stop zone at all costs. Tough ticket to beat!

A bus stop zone begins at the bus stop sign, and;

  • Extends in the direction of the arrow (s) on the sign
  • Until the next parking sign, or;
  • If no parking sign, the end of the block

If you do get caught by a warrior in a bus stop zone, fight it if:

  • You have a witness who will provide you with a detailed certification containing facts (not conclusions) to persuade a judge to believe you were in and out of the bus stop zone faster than a NY minute

If you don’t have a compelling story, with a great witness certification, you may wish to apply for a reduced fine. Again, a tough ticket to beat [Larry’s note: Be like the dragon, drop-off your passengers from a distance. Stay out of a bus stop zone whenever possible].

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How's your knowledge of bus stop and fire hydrant rules?
And what about no parking and no standing?

NYC parking tickets for these violations generate major money for our fair city. Have you fallen prey to the costly orange plague?

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