Beware: A New York City Parking Ticket Scam

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This week on Larry’s Blog we are alerting our clients, website visitors, and friends to two NYC parking ticket scams

Have you ever received a NYC parking ticket for parking in front of a pedestrian ramp located in the middle of the long street of a ‘T’ intersection? The price tag is $165, ouch! The DOF does not offer a reduction of your fine for this violation in exchange for pleading guilty.  The horrors of the NYC parking ticket wars.

Have you ever thought to yourself in a quiet moment, or when you are screaming in the shower about this injustice, that it really makes no sense to prohibit parking in front of a pedestrian ramp in the middle of the block, with no crosswalk markings or traffic devices controlling the flow of traffic? Why would anyone cross the street at this location. It is dangerous.

Great Decision

In December, 2008 the pedestrian ramp parking rule was amended. The NYC driving public is now permitted to park in front of a pedestrian ramp located in the long street of a ‘T’ intersection. Here is the amended rule as set forth on the DOT Website:

“Effective December 2008, the New York City Traffic rules have been modified to allow parking at some “T” intersections, those without traffic signals or all-way stop signs or crosswalk markings. These locations have caused confusion in the past, as they were not clearly delineated as spaces for pedestrians or cars. The rule change has enabled the Department to put them in the category appropriate for each location, making it clearer for motorists, pedestrians and enforcement agents. Parking is now permitted at those “T” Intersections where the adjacent (major) street is not marked with a crosswalk and not controlled by all-way stop signs or traffic signals, even if there is a curb cut at that location.”

The Scam

The problem is that some of the parking ticket warriors are still issuing parking tickets for this “former” violation, knowing full well it is no longer a parking violation. What makes matters worse is that many members of the NYC driving public continue to pay the hefty fine.

Why is this scam allowed to continue?  Take a guess. Here are three choices:

  • The offending warriors were all on vacation in December, 2008 and  missed the class about the change in the pedestrian ramp law?
  • Revenue
  • Revenue

A call to action

Shame on these warriors, shame on the DOF and shame on the DOT for allowing this nefarious practice to continue. Stop this bad behavior immediately!

If you have suffered the sting of a warriors scanner unjustly for this “former” violation, please let me know the details. I will send this evidence to a multitude of news outlets, the DOF and DOT, and do my best to continue to publicize this scam.

Do not pay the parking ticket. It is no longer a violation. When you are right, FIGHT!

nyc parking ticket, beat parking ticket, fight new york parking ticketWere you caught in this scam? Just don’t sit there, take action!

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  1. Gretchen Nealon says

    I got a ticket for parking by a ped ramp at a T intersection. There are no markings but there is a stop sign across the street for traffic coming to the T. Is that valid?
    Thank you,

    • Larry Berezin says

      Good morning.
      Great question.
      If the stop sign regulates the base of the ‘T’ street (not the long ‘T’ main street), you got an illegal parking ticket. When you’re right-Fight! Let us know how you do. Good luck. Best, Larry

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