Beware of the Bogus NYC Parking Ticket Scam

This is a man in jail for issuing scam NYC parking tickets

Have you ever been issued a bogus NYC parking ticket?

You return home from a difficult, stressful day at work. You check the mail box while walking into the front door of your house.  Wow, a letter from the NYC Department of Finance with a payment reminder about an overdue parking ticket you allegedly received in Queens two months ago.  Strange, you’ve never been to Queens, ever; nor has your automobile.

How about this?

You have a terrific business. You are very busy and business is growing. You guessed right about purchasing a franchise from “Edible Arrangements.”  You have a store, and make deliveries in your refrigerated commercial vehicle to customers within a 30 mile radius.

What’s this in the mail? A notice from the NYC DOF about an overdue NYC parking ticket? A parking ticket warrior issue a parking ticket swearing your refrigerated commercial vehicle made the journey one fine day from Muskegon, MI to Manhattan. Amazing.

Your refrigerated commercial vehicle has an “Edible Arrangements” wrap, and the parking ticket warrior still inserted “passenger” for plate type.

When you’re right-FIGHT your parking ticket

Both of these honest citizens have something in common. They telephoned the NYC DOF, explained their dilemma, and were told not to worry. They were told to send in their explanation, and their tickets will be dismissed; especially since both had mistakes on the front of the parking tickets.

You’re getting a head of me. How’d you guess? Both sent in their written explanations and lost their hearings. The guy from Michigan even lost his appeal. (my fault about the appeal).

Don’t just sit there and lick your parking ticket wounds, take action!

This is an absurd result. There is absolutely no reasonable, rationale excuse for this type of bad behavior. The parking ticket in Queens was even issued by the old T-420 where some members of the parking ticket division were previously found scamming parking tickets. Shame on you!


This type of scam is a break down in the entire system. A bad parking ticket warrior writes a bogus ticket. The out-of-stater receives a notice in the mail several months later. Calls the NYC DOF and follows some half baked instructions about not to worry.

Then, what I really hate to see is a judge finds a guy guilty from Michigan who was allegedly making a delivery with his refrigerated “passenger vehicle” in Manhattan. C’mon, this is the system at its worst.

With that said, this type of bad behavior is not how the system generally operates. Most warriors work hard at a very difficult job and do their honest best. Absolutely the same with most judges in the DOF.  So, why aren’t you guys angry as hell when your colleagues pull these kind of stunts? You know who is involved. Why not speak up? Say something about the bad guys.

Here are two suggestions:

Have a special hearing officer assigned to parking tickets issued to out-of-state residents who claim they were not in NYC the day the parking ticket was issued. Make it very clear about what proof is necessary to prove a negative. Try it some time. It is not so easy. You know the old routine:

“How long have you been beating your husband?”

“I never beat my husband”

“Oh yea, prove it”

On the day you receive notice from the NYC DOF about a bogus parking ticket, file a police report. Search for your parking ticket on line, and get the name of the bad guy issuing the bogus parking ticket.  This is also persuasive evidence about your truthfulness when you contest the parking ticket. A false police report can land you in a heap of trouble.

I’m mad as hell.  This has got to stop.

nyc parking ticket, beat parking ticket, fight new york parking ticketPlease contact us with your story, if this scam has been perpetrated on you! Let’s take some action and stop this bad behavior.

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