Customer Success: Fight Fire Hydrant Parking Ticket and Win!

fire hydrant with tape measure extending

A NYC fire hydrant parking ticket customer success story

It was great to see the adjudication process of fighting a NYC fire hydrant parking ticket working perfectly.

The NYC parking ticket facts

Joe parks his car on a NYC street, more than 15 feet from a fire hydrant. When he returns to his vehicle, he sees that all too familiar orange envelope under his windshield. His heart starts beating faster, and his face turns red. He reads the parking ticket charging a violation of Code 40. The parking ticket warrior’s sworn comment on the front of the parking ticket says Joe’s car is parked only 6 feet from the hydrant.  Joe’s reaction is anger, outrage and a commitment to fight the parking ticket because he is right.

The NYC Parking Rules and Regulations

Code 40 prohibits:

Stopping, standing or parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.  Between sunrise and sunset, a passenger vehicle may stand alongside a fire hydrant as long as the operator remains behind the wheel and is ready to move the vehicle if required to do so”

Chapter 4-08(e).    No person shall stop, stand or park a vehicle in any of the following places…

(2) Hydrants.  Within fifteen feet of a fire hydrant, unless otherwise indicated by signs, or parking meters, except that during the period from sunrise to sunset if standing is not otherwise prohibited, the operator of a passenger car may stand the vehicle alongside a fire hydrant provided that the operator remains in the operator’s set ready for immediate operation of the vehicle at all times and starts the motor of the car on hearing the approach of fire apparatus, and provided further, that the operator shall immediately remove the car from alongside the fire hydrant when instructed to do so by any member of the police, fire, or other municipal department acting in his/her official capacity”

Joe’s Action to beat his parking ticket NYC


  • Always carries a tape measure and camera with him in his car
  • Asks a witness to assist him in measuring the distance between the fire hydrant and his car
  • Takes a number of dated photos that clearly demonstrate his car was parked more than 15 feet from the fire hydrant
  • Hires New York Parking Ticket LLC to fight his parking ticket


  • We prepare detailed Affidavits for execution by Joe and his witness
  • Send a defense letter, detailed Affidavits, photographs confirming the facts contained in the Affidavits; along with the signed NYC parking ticket to the address on the back of the parking ticket
  • Enter a plea of NOT GUILTY and request a hearing by mail
  • Approximately four weeks later, Joe receives a letter from the DOF advising him that his parking ticket is dismissed


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A $3.00 tape measure saved Joe $115. When you are right, fight your NYC parking ticket. You can see the power of a photograph and tape measure.  The NYC parking ticket hearing official did the right thing after reviewing the evidence, which is really nice to see.

How about the NYC parking ticket warrior?  She clearly lied about the distance from the fire hydrant and got caught. Shame on you!

In response to a frequently asked question, the fact that a parking ticket warrior fails to accurately state the distance from your car to the fire hydrant is not enough to win a dismissal. You must prove that your vehicle was parked MORE than 15 feet from the fire hydrant.

I went out and purchased a tape measure. How about you?

[Editor's note: "Joe" is a fictitious name to protect the privacy of our client. "Joe" gave us permission to tell his success story and publish the photographs]

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Enough said?


  1. Lou rod says

    I just received a ticket for bieng 7 feet from hydrant when it clearly shows in photos that I’m more than 7ft(I took pics an it shows 11 1/2 feet..can I still fight it thou the officer who write the ticket is wrong?

    • Larry Berezin says

      Dear Lou,
      Good afternoon.
      Great question.
      I am sorry to report that the fight isn’t about whether or not you were 7 feet from the fire hydrant. The fight is about proving you didn’t park you car within 15 feet of the hydrant. In NYC parking ticket land, a warrior is required to enter a number (any number). It doesn’t matter that the number is wrong.

      You may wish to check for mistakes. If a required element is omitted, misdescribed, or omitted, you win upon application.
      Good luck.

  2. Blake says

    Hi. Silly-sounding question: On either side of some hydrants are found two pipe-type posts, a little less than a yard in height and spaced such that each is a little less than four feet away from the hydrant itself. They look like they’re there to block out an open path to the fireplug, but who knows — maybe that idea’s too sensible. Why, exactly, ARE they there (if we can’t park within fifteen feet of the plug, anyway)?

    • says

      Dear Blake,

      Good morning.
      I think it’s a great question.

      The reason a fire hydrant is fitted with posts on each side is to protect it from errant drivers, or other activities that may damage the fire hydrant.


  3. says

    Hi – I just moved here from another city and was unaware of the 15 ft rule. I parked too close to a hydrant (there was no marker on the pavement for where the “no go” area begins or ends – it is confusing at best). I received a parking ticket @ 11:30 am and then a tow at 12:48. Is this legal? Isn’t this basically double jeopardy? Can I fight this?

    • says

      Dear Sarah,
      Good morning.
      A warm welcome to NYC.
      I am sorry you were introduced to one of the Evil Empire’s henchman so soon after your arrival.

      I feel your pain about fire hydrant violations. The “no park zone” is, as you correctly stated, 15 feet from ALL sides of the pump. NYC doesn’t ascribe to the painted curb notice, as many other cities and towns do.

      All NYC is a tow away zone, no notice or warnings required. Once you park illegally, you may be towed at any time (until you remove your car from the illegal space). So, yes, I am sorry to report that it was a legal action, consistent with these draconian rules, to tow your vehicle.

      You may wish to check for omitted, misdescribed, or illegible required elements. If you find one or more, you win subject to presenting the proper proof properly (and your tow charges will be refunded).


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