F.A.Q. about Towing a Vehicle in NYC

NYC parking ticket and towThere has been a recent spate of NYC parking ticket and tows…

Here are some frequently asked questions:

  • Can my car be towed if I do not have any NYC parking tickets in judgment?
    • YES. Since all NYC is a tow away zone, a parking ticket warrior has the authority to call for “Captain Hook” any time he/she issues a parking ticket
  • What can happen to me and my chariot if I owe the city that never sleeps $101.00 in outstanding parking ticket judgments?
    • Your car can be towed by the gendarmes, if you get a parking ticket (It’s called a “violation” tow)
  • Will my car be towed if I park in NYC and have $350.00 in outstanding parking ticket judgments?
    • ¬†You betcha! The city marshal and sheriff search for vehicles that have $350.00 or more in parking ticket judgments. If they find your vehicle, it will be towed
  • Where can I find my vehicle, if it is towed by the NYPD?
  • How can I find out if my vehicle has been towed?
    • Call 311
    • Call 212-New York (out-of-NYC)
    • Locate your vehicle on line. Here’s a link. DOF: The Green Page
      • After you land on the green page, click the first “GO”
      • After you land, insert your plate number, insert a check in the tiny box next to “Has this vehicle been towed,” insert the correct data in the “State” and “Type” drop down menus, and click search
  • Is there a page on the NYC DOT website that tells me what steps I have to take to redeem my chariot?
  • Has Larry published any blog posts on this subject?
  • Why does NYC tow my car?

fight nyc parking ticketsHas your chariot ever been the victim of Captain Hook? Please share your experience. It’s how we learn!

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