Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Question on Parking Tickets

Can you explain the "Park Smart" parking meter program

PARK Smart is a program developed with the community to make parking easier while reducing congestion and improving safety. PARK Smart aims to increase the number of available metered parking spaces by encouraging motorists to park no longer than necessary. The meter rate is higher when demand for parking is greatest and decreases when demand is lower, according to the NYC DOT website. Here's my take...It's like, if you visit Barney's on Monday, the sports coat you love will cost $700. However, if you visit Barney's on a crowded Saturday, the same sport coat now costs $1,200 because the traffic in Barney's  is more congested on Saturdays, and the demand for the sports coat I love is much greater. This image is a chart containing the parking rates in NYC for the park smart progam

What are the on-street parking rates in NYC

The on-street parking rates in NYC, according to the NYC Department of Transportation website: This image is a chart containing the parking rates throught NYC  

How much NYC parking ticket revenue was generated from alternate-side parking violations?

$70M in NYC parking ticket revenue was generated from about 1.2M ASP violations [via Daily News].

Is there a NYC Gov. Resource you recommend

Can you show me a picture of a legal vs. illegal pedestrian ramp

Here are examples of a legal vs. illegal pedestrian ramp. The pedestrian ramp show in the top image is legal to block (mid block, long street of a 'T' intersection with no marked cross walk, traffic sign or traffic control device regulating traffic. The bottom image is an illegal ($165) pedestrian ramp. Notice the zebra cross walk extending from ramp to ramp two images comparing legal curb cut to illegal pedestrian ramp in NYC

Can I park in front of a pedestrian ramp in NYC?

You can park in front of a pedestrian ramp in NYC as long as there are no:
  • Marked crosswalks
  • Traffic signs
  • Traffic devices
regulating traffic. Generally, these types of legal pedestrian ramps are located mid-block, in the long street of a 'T' intersection. Illegal to park in front of pedestrian ramps are generally located at 4-corner intersections. The parking fine is $165. this image is a diagram of a legal pedestrian ramp in NYC

Can I ever park in a NYC school zone?

Yes. "Parking is allowed in school zones when school is in recess. However, motorists should be aware that specific schools may be open on holidays and during summer vacations, and parking restrictions would remain in effect. If schools have summer sessions or are open for teacher meetings or similar activities, even if students are not attending, the parking regulations apply on such days. Individuals should contact specific schools to verify that they are in recess. To contact an individual school, call 311 and ask for the "Find a School" service; they will provide you with the school's telephone number. For TTY deaf and hearing-impaired, dial 212-504-4115. If you are calling from outside the five boroughs, dial 212-NEW-YORK (DOT Website)"

Can I double park in a NYC school zone?

No (not legally). Unless you are called to school because of  a medical emergency involving your child. There is a bill pending in the NYC Council that would allow double parking while picking up children at school. I double this proposed legislation will ever see the light of day.

What if I lose my NYC parking ticket hearing and my appeal?

I am sorry to report that the next step becomes very expensive...It's filing an Article 78 in the NY State Court System. Realistically, unless you are a Russian oligarch, your pockets may not be deep enough. The filing fee is about $375, plus there's a bunch of paperwork. Our mantra is fight when you're right, but there is also time to walk away with your head held high, and live to fight another day.

What if I lose my NYC parking ticket hearing?

You're bleeding, but still fighting the good fight. You're entitled to appeal a guilty decision from your NYC parking ticket hearing within 30-days of the date the decision was entered. However, the second bite at the apple is more difficult, and the standard of appeal is:

Did the original parking ticket judge make a mistake of law or fact?

There wasn't any sign saying "tow away zone"

All of New York City is a tow away zone...No notice required. Ugly!

What if I get two NYC parking tickets and my car is towed?

You're entitled to a refund of your towing charges if you get two parking tickets and a tow, and beat the second parking ticket (check the time of issuance). For example, if you park your car within 15 feet of a fire hydrant with an expired registration yelling at a parking ticket warrior to issue  two parking tickets. Let's say the fire hydrant ticket is issued first in time, the expired registration second, and the warrior calls for Captain Hook to tow your car. You are required to beat the second parking ticket (the expired registration) in order to win a refund of your tow charges.

Will I get a refund of my towing fees, if I beat my parking ticket?

Absolutely. If you beat the parking ticket triggering  the tow, you will get a refund of your towing fees. You may wish to submit this application to alert the media (or at least the Evil Empire).

Is the expiration date on my registration a required element for out-of-state vehicles?

Depends. The expiration date of your registration is considered a required element, if the expiration month and year is displayed on the plate or on the windshield of an out-of-state vehicle. (If not, a parking ticket warrior is still required to insert "N/S" or "N/A" or  you win, upon application).

Are my vehicle's VIN # and color required elements?

Sorry Charley, no. Neither a VIN# or color are required elements.

Can I beat a parking ticket if a new parking sign was just installed?

Yes! A wonderful law. You can beat a parking ticket if a new parking sign was installed within 5 days prior to the issuance of your parking ticket. Yea! You've got to prove the date the new sign was installed ( (think Freedom of Information Request).  

Can 2 different parking signs on the same pole regulate the same parking spaces?

Yes, sir...scary isn't it? When you stumble upon two parking signs on the same pole, both signs regulating a parking space at the same time, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO FOLLOW THE MORE RESTRICTIVE PARKING SIGN. For example, if one sign prohibits parking between 7A-7P while another sign on the same pole with arrow(s) pointing in the same direction prohibits parking anytime...You are required to pay attention to the no parking anytime sign (because its the more restrictive sign) and skedaddle. Capisce?

Where would I find the NYC Highway and Traffic Rules?

Simply click on this link and voila!.   Pay particular attention to the Definitions section, and 4-08. These rules were promulgated by the Commissioner of the NYC Department of Transportation for regulating the stopping, standing, and parking of vehicles in New York City.

Where can I find information about Alternate Side Parking?

Here's a link to the alternate side parking page of the NYC DOT website. It has real time street cleaning suspension information and more...

Are there separate rules that govern parking ticket hearings?

Yup. Chapter 39 of title 19 of the Official Compilation of Rules of the City of New York. Chapter 39 was adopted by theCommissioner of Finance to prescribe the internal procedures and organization of the Parking Violations Bureau, the manner and time of entering pleas, the conduct of hearings, the amount and manner of payment of penalties, and other purposes of article two-B of the Vehicle and Traffic Law.

Will you please link me up with the Department of Transportation website?

Where is the parking ticket section of the Department of Finance Website?

Click on this link to be whisked away to the Evil Empire's website.

Where can I find the NY State Vehicle and Traffic Laws?

Here-ya-go. NY Vehicle and Traffic Laws ("VTL") Article 2B ...Click away.

Can I park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant?

Yes. You can park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant, as long as a licensed driver remains seated behind the wheel of their car (passenger vehicles, only), with the keys, ready to move, upon the request of a cop or warrior, between sunrise and sunset. I call this the Fiddler on the Roof Defense.

Will I find a yellow painted curb to indicate 15 feet from a fire hydrant?

You're as likely to find a yellow painted curb to mark a fire hydrant zone, as you are to find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

How far can I park from a fire hydrant?

You are prohibited from parking within 15 feet from both sides of a NYC fire hydrant.

What' s the defense to a bus stop parking ticket?

You are permitted to stop temporarily, and expeditiously drop off or pick-up people but not property, and skedaddle in a bus stop long as you do not interfere with a bus entering or leaving a bus stop zone. Best advice- Stay away from NYC bus stop zones. It's an ambush

Will I find a yellow painted curb to indicate a bus stop zone?

No. The only thing a yellow curb means in parking ticket land is...someone spilled a can of yellow paint.  

How long is a bus stop zone?

I dare you...double dare you to  solve the mystery of the New York City bus stop zone any place else in the universe, except right here. A bus stop starts at the bus stop sign and extends in the direction of the arrow(s) until the next parking sign- if none, then the end of the block. The length varies from block to block. Please try your best to avoid a bus stop zone. It's a $115 parking ticket waiting to happen, and it's difficult to beat.  

I'm standing not parking, If I'm sitting behind the wheel with the motor running, right?

No, no, a thousand times no. The NY minute you halt your vehicle, you are stopping, standing, and parking. How's that for a mouthful. The viva la difference between stopping, standing, and parking is ONLY the activity you can perform in a no stopping, no standing, and no parking zone. In a no standing zone, you can stop, drop or pick-up people, and skedaddle. In a no parking zone, you can stop, drop and pick-up people and their property.

Standing and Parking are the same, right?

Wrong.  Viva la difference! Standing means stopping your vehicle, other than picking- up or discharging a passenger to the curb. Parking means standing your vehicle, other than picking-up or discharging people and their stuff to the curb. In a no standing zone, you're permitted to stop temporarily, drop-off or pick-up passengers to the curb, and leave immediately. In a no parking zone, you are permitted to drop-off and pick up passengers and their property to the curb, and skedaddle. No waiting for your Aunt Tilly to cross the street.

Can I beat a parking ticket for failure to display a muni meter receipt?

Yes. A parking ticket judge is required to dismiss a parking ticket for failure to display a muni meter receipt, if you submit a copy of the muni meter receipt showing you paid for the time within 5 minutes of the time your ticket was issued. Nice, rule!

Does a 5 MInute Grace Period apply to Muni-Meters?

Absolutely. As a matter of fact, there are two grace periods. You have 5 minutes to walk to a muni meter machine, pay for parking, walk back to your car, and display the muni mter receipt on the dashboard of your chariot. In addition, you have 5 minutes to move your chariot after time expires on your muni meter receipt.

Does the 5 Minute Grace Period apply to Alternate Side Parking Rules?

Yes. A parking ticket warrior is prohibited from issuing a parking ticket until 5 minutes after the beginning of street cleaning. For example, if street cleaning is from 9A-10:30A, a warrior can't issue a parking ticket until 9:06A.

Is there a 5 Minute Grace Period?


What happens after 100 days after parking tickret is issued?

You're in deep Caca. A default judgment is entered, and you're no longer permitted to submit a defense (except by filing a Request for Hearing after Judgment- very difficult to win!).

How many days do I have to submit a defense to a parking ticket?

You have 100 days from the issuance of a parking ticket to file a defense before default judgment is entered. If your defense is received after 30 days by the Evil Empire, penalties will accrue.

What days are the penalties added to a parking ticket?

  • $10 on the 31st day
  • $20 on the 46th day
  • $30 on the 76th day

Can you name the 12 No Stopping Zones in NYC?

  • Traffic lanes
  • Hydrants
  • Sidewalks
  • Intersections
  • Crosswalks
  • Street excavations
  • Tunnels
  • Elevated roadways
  • Divided highways
  • Bicycle lanes
  • Restricted use and limited use streets
  • Major roadways

Are there still any mechanical meters left in all 5 NYC boroughs?

The NYC DOT has replaced all single-space meters throughout the city with muni-meters. Muni-meters have several advantages over single-space parking meters, include the convenience of a pay-and-display system, the reduction of unnecessary sidewalk encumbrances, and additional capacity for parked cars in the same curb space.DOT completed replacing all single space parking meters in Manhattan during the summer of 2011. Installation in the other boroughs completed work in January, 2013.For more information on muni-meter installations, contact your local Borough Commissioner’s office