Have you Heard about the New NYC Parking Law?

Mayor B signing bill into law

The background of the new NYC parking law

Robert, a great friend of ours, arrives home at 9 p.m. and parks his car legally in the same area he’s been parking for the past ten (10) years. The next day Robert returns to his car to find a bright orange epistle on his windshield charging him with a violation of a new parking rule displayed on a brand, spanking new parking sign; which was installed by the City that never sleeps, AFTER Robert parked his car the prior evening.

You can imagine Robert’s outrage when he found the parking ticket and the brand, spanking new parking sign. Is there no justice?

The NYC Council to the rescue

On November 16, 2009, the NYC Council passed one of the best parking laws, ever. It was signed by Mayor Bloomberg on December 7, 2009, with an effective date of March 21, 2010. My best, most favorite part, is the provision permitting a member of the driving public, who receives a NYC parking ticket within five (5) days of the installation of a brand, spanking new, parking sign, to fight the parking ticket by raising the installation of a  new sign with a new parking rule as a defense.

In other words, you simply prove your parking ticket was issued within five (5) days of the installation date of the new parking sign with the new parking rule, and your parking ticket will be dismissed.

Other provisions

In addition to my best, most favorite provision, here are some other great provisions contained in the new law:

  • The DOT is required to post notices in the affected area of the new sign, indicating the effective date of the change
  • Within one (1) business day of the change, notification of the new restriction must be posted on the DOT website
  • Before the department makes temporary parking restriction changes due to road repairs, it is required to post the temporary rule changes and a notice that NO notice of parking violations shall be issued during the period of such changes. If a vehicle is missing on the street, a notice is required to be posted advising the motorist it may have been towed and to call the local police station to ascertain its whereabouts
  • There are also notice requirements when parking restrictions are changed due to filming, parades or street fairs

I love New York

Bravo! This law is LONG overdue. A breath of fresh justice.

[The above image of Mayor Bloomberg signing the new law is from Crown Heights.info]

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