How Do I Find my NYC Parking Ticket On-Line?

The Evil Empire can help you locate your NYC parking ticket (online)

Have you ever:

  • Lost your NYC parking ticket?
  • Wondered whether you were ssued a NYC parking ticket when you glanced in your rear view mirror, and observed a parking ticket warrior take aim with her stun gun?
  • Wanted to know whether penalties were assessed?
  • Wanted to know whether a hearing was scheduled for your parking ticket?

Simply click on the green web page below…After landing, click on the first GO (next to rust colored arrow)…

This is an image of the NYC Department of Finance find your parking ticket webpate

You’ll come to the page below…Plug in either:

  • Your 10 digit summons number by clicking on the link next ot the red arrow “Check parking ticket status”
  • Your plate number, state, and plate type found next to the purple arrow

This is an image of the DOF webpage to insert vehicle information to find your NYC parking ticket

Happy hunting!

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