How to Beat a NYC Parking Ticket for “No Standing-Bus Stop”

How to Beat a NYC Parking Ticket for “No Standing-Bus Stop”

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There has been a wave of questions about a NYC parking ticket for “no standing-bus stop”

  • Can I be issued a NYC parking ticket when I only stopped in a bus stop zone to drop off or pick up a passenger?
  • How do I know the length of a bus stop? I was parked far away from the bus stop sign?
  • Can I look for a yellow painted curb to designate a bus stop zone?

The NYC bus stop parking rule

Violation Code (VC) 19 prohibits:

Bus Stop:  Standing or parking where standing is prohibited by sign, street marking or; traffic control device

Traffic Rules, Chapter 4-08(c)(3) states:

No person shall stand or park a vehicle other than an authorized bus in its assigned bus stop when any such stop has been officially designated and appropriately posted except that the operator of a vehicle may temporarily stand therein for the purpose of expeditiously receiving and discharging passengers provided such standing does not interfere with any bus about to enter or leave such zone


Here’s my take on the subject:

  • You can beat a bus stop parking ticket if you are dropping off or picking up a passenger. But, try to avoid stopping temporarily in a bus stop zone. They’re tough parking tickets to beat
  • Don’t expect to find a yellow curb to indicate a bus stop zone. That would be too easy
  • The parking signs on the block hold the secret to the length of a bus stop zone. There must be at least one official NYC parking sign that designates the beginning of a bus stop zone, with an arrow indicating the direction(s) of the bus stop zone.
  • There does not have to be a second bus stop sign to indicate the end of the bus stop zone. If there is not a second parking sign anywhere on the block in the direction of the arrow(s) on the bus stop sign, the bus stop zone ends at the corner.
  • The bus stop sign regulates the portion of the block in the direction of the arrow until the next NYC parking sign. The bus stop zone ends at the next NYC parking sign.
  • If the one official bus stop sign has arrows pointing in both directions, then the bus stop zone goes in both directions until you reach another NYC parking sign or the end of the block.

[Editor's note:  NYC buses are 40-45 feet in length]

A bus stop in NYC can cause some pain in the pocketbook. I urge you to avoid stopping in a bus stop zone whenever possible

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And what about no parking and no standing?

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  1. Asher says


    I got a bus zone parking ticket even though the beginning of the bus zone was not marked with an arrow (or at all) the bus stop was at the end of the block which I was able to see but in my estimation I seemed to be far enough away from the bus stop. The main thing was that there was no indicator at all where the bus stop began. Is the law very clear that there MUST be a sign indicating where the bus stop zone begins? Or is it just a courtesy to have a sign with the arrow pointing towards the bus stop and not a valid defense?

    • says


      Good afternoon.
      A bus stop zone begins at the bus stop sign and extends in the direction of the arrow(s) on the bus stop sign…That is the law, period. No sign, no arrow, no parking ticket.


  2. Matt says

    Thank you for the informative article above. To clarify, the stop ends at whatever the next NYC parking sign is? For example if there is a bus stop on a street corner with the small no standing sign (no arrows as it is at a corner) within the circular bus stop sign, and a distance from that sign untill the next sign, then THAT is the no standing zone? Even if the next sign is a no parking street cleaning sign that is not relevant on that day?

    Many thanks,

  3. joe anthony says

    in front of the school where i drop off my daughter and wife it says no parking between 7am-6pm.a cop told me i can’t park here but afterschool there is a line of cars parked here to pick up their kids and they are parked there for 15 -20 mins maybe more.also why is a bus stop called a no standing zone if you have to be standing to wait for the bus?makes no sense.there is a small bus stop area in front of the elementary where the big kids wait for the bus.i will park there to drop off my 4 year old and my wife who walks her to class.she comes back to the car in less than 2 mins.hopefully i wont get a ticket parking in that bus zone.

    • says


      Good morning.
      Thanks for sharing your insightful insights.
      Enjoyed reading ‘em.

      Good luck with your personal bus stop travails.
      Let me know how you’re surviving in the evil bus stop zone.


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