How to fight a NYC parking ticket for “standing” in a no parking zone

An important customer question about a NYC parking ticket

beat nyc parking ticket, parking ticket nycCustomers ask, ” I was issued a parking ticket when I was in my car, behind the wheel, dropping off a passenger in a no parking zone. I wasn’t parking! Can I fight this parking ticket?

The answer is, absolutely.  Here’s what you do:

  • Prepare an affidavit clearly stating the facts, sign the affidavit before a notary public
  • Prepare a certification from your passenger clearly explaining where she was going, why she was dropped at the location, and describing the building she was going to enter.
  • Enter a “not guilty” plea, send it to court,and enclose a letter explaining your defense with supporting affidavit and witness certification

Do you have an experience you’d like to share about defending yourself against a parking ticket for discharging a passenger in a no parking zone?  All of us will benefit from your experiences.

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