Is a Driveway a Pedestrian Ramp?

This is an image of a car parked next to a driveway not a pedestrian ramp

A driveway can never be a pedestrian ramp

Is a driveway a pedestrian ramp? They look-alike.

Let me assure you, a pedestrian ramp can never  be the entrance to a driveway. But, that doesn’t stop a Parking Ticket Warrior from issuing a NYC parking ticket for blocking a pedestrian ramp, when the curb cut is really a driveway. Please be sure you know the difference between a pedestrian ramp and a driveway:

  • A driveway is a curb cut used by motor vehicles to enter and exit lands or buildings abutting a roadway
  • A pedestrian ramp is a curb cut used by persons with disabilities to gain access to the roadway; generally to cross a street

NYC parking ticket warriors use the two violations interchangeably

Be vigilant. I’ve recently reviewed parking tickets where the warriors called a driveway a pedestrian ramp. It is a costly mistake. A driveway parking ticket fine is $95, while a pedestrian ramp parking ticket fine is $165 with no reduction. Yikes!

Some warriors are hedging their bets, and charging an unsuspecting member of the NYC driving public with both violations on the same parking ticket. That is a major “get out of jail free card.” Only one violation per ticket, please. If you are ever charged with more than one parking crime on a ticket, it is dismissable upon application.

A customer pedestrian ramp success story

Our good friend, Natasha, was found guilty by a far-sighted parking ticket judge for obstructing a pedestrian ramp, when the curb cut was a driveway. Besides which, Natasha had photographs of her car parked alongside the driveway. Boy, does this make my old, thin blood boil.

New York Parking Ticket represented Natasha and won the appeal. We presented the proper proof, properly. It was critical to clearly establish the address of the “driveway-pedestrian ramp” to win the appeal.

Driveway versus pedestrian ramp take-aways:

You are welcome to download a FREE copy of our presentation to the appeals panel that carried the day for Natasha. Included in the Guide are screen captures of the location. We did NOT include copies of a few photographs Natasha took showing close-ups of the address posted on the door of 2276 East 16th Street, which was the place of occurrence entered on the parking ticket. However, these photographs were an important part of our proofs.

Opt In Image
Pedestrian Ramp Scam
Winning appeal

An illegal parking ticket was issued to members of the driving public for parking in front of a "legal" pedestrian ramp located in front of 175 Claremont. This E-book contains the defense certification and exhibits Larry submitted to win.

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