NYC Parking Law Change for Broken Parking Meters

nyc parking meter, nyc parking meter lawI am frequently asked the following question about parking in a space controlled by a broken NYC parking meter:

How long can I park when the meter is broken?

I am happy to report that Mayor Bloomberg signed a bill last year that took effect on March 1, 2009 permitting you to park at a broken NYC parking meter for as long as you would normally be able to park if the meter were working. This is a departure from the “old NYC parking meter law,” which only allowed parking at a broken meter for one hour

What should I do when I learn the meter is broken?

Call 311. The DOT field inspectors will make the necessary repairs; and the information will be entered into the DOT computerized system

What should I do if I still get a NYC parking ticket?

  • Plead NOT GUILTY
  • Check “Broken Meter” in the third box at the bottom of the back of the ticket. This is an administrative claim, not a requrest for a hearing
  • Send the ticket, by certified mail, return receipt requested to:
      • NYC Department of Finance Meter Unit
  • P.O. Box 29021
  • Cadman Plaza Station
  • Brooklyn, NY 11202-9021

What should I do if my parking meter claim is denied?

If your meter claim is valid, the ticket will be dismissed. If your claim is denied, you can still request a hearing on the ticket.

Did you know about the change? Have you received any parking tickets after March 1, 2009 citing the old law?

nyc parking ticket, beat parking ticket, fight new york parking ticketPlease comment. Your opinion matters

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