NYC Parking Ticket Required Elements Redux

I love omitted, misdescribed, or illegible NYC parking ticket required elements

How great does it feel to find a NYC parking ticket is defective because of an omitted, misdescribed, or illegible required element? It falls somewhere in between winning the lottery and finding your car keys after searching for 30 minutes.

Here is a diagram I prepared showing the required elements, and where they live on a real, live NYC parking ticket.

NYPT required element slide from sliderocket ppt NYC Parking Ticket Required Elements Redux

Place of occurrence

One of my favorite NYC parking ticket required elements is, “Place of occurrence.” Why? Because you can oftentimes find parking ticket gold.

I am currently working on a case with a member of the NYC driving community.

Ramon was issued a NYC parking ticket for “No Standing.” I checked all the required elements, and found no apparent defects. So, the next step was to visit the scene of the parking crime (via Google Maps with Street View). Lo and behold, I found some parking ticket gold.

The place of occurrence was wrong because the “No Standing” parking sign’s ARROW did NOT point in the direction of the parking space where the parking ticket warrior alleged Ramon parked his car.

I asked Ramon to take some overlapping photographs of the block, and I used Google Maps with Street View to present an overview of the block to the judge.

Ramon, with a little help from his friends, is a winner.

Key take-away

  • It is very difficult to prove the “place of occurrence” entered on the NYC parking ticket is wrong. SO INSTEAD…Use the warrior’s misdescribed “place of occurrence” to advance your case by showing the arrow on the parking sign did NOT point to the parking space where the alleged parking crimed occurred

Would you like a copy of the NYC parking ticket with the arrows pointing out the required elements? I’m happy to oblige.

Please click on the IPad below for your FREE Download of the parking ticket with arrows… for future reference.

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