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MarketPlace on American Public Radio

Larry was interviewed for American Public Radio  by Kai Ryssdal

NY Daily News

Larry was interviewed for a feature article in the Sunday NY Daily News:


“Pssst, you can Beat Parking Tickets”

BY Gina Salamone

Saturday, December 31 2011, 7:38 PM
The crushing feeling of finding a ticket attached to the windshield of your car is enough to ruin any New Yorker’s New Year.

But there are ways to fight it, if you’re armed with the right information. While certain parking and meter regulations are suspended Sunday and Monday for the holiday, they’ll resume Tuesday.

Larry Berezin, chief operating officer of New York Parking Ticket LLC, believes city parking spots are scarcer than ever and tickets are up this time of year because of all the tourists in town for winter break.

“Visitors to my website have increased significantly over the last three weeks,” said Berezin, a lawyer whose company offers advice on fighting such summonses…”

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Larry was asked to speak by a NYC Councilman about new street cleaning bill

NYC Council meeting on alternate side parking rules

Larry was interviewed about those horrible ASP gunky stickers

Wall Street Journal


[November 2, 2011]  The neon stickers slapped on cars that violate alternate-side parking rules—a much-loathed and nearly impossible-to-remove badge of shame for those who flout the law, or just sleep in a little too long—may be getting a little tough love themselves…

Larry Berezin (that’s me, Mom), who runs a business that helps firms fight parking tickets and has a blog chronicling parking issues, said he gets a lot of calls from people outraged about the stickers.

“You’re waiting an hour and a half for the sweeper to go by, and if you’re not in the car, they decide they’re going to slap a sticker on you,” he said.

“People resent the stickers more than anything,” he added. “It takes days to get it off and you never really get it off.”

NYC parking tickets

While DenDekker’s proposed legislation may be music to the ears of motorists, some experts think it won’t get far.

“As much as we might agree with its sentiment, we think the timing for it is not good right now,” said Robert Sinclair, a spokesman for AAA New York. “We need ways of finding more money for the city, not taking away.”

Larry Berezin, chief operating officer of New York Parking Ticket LLC, a company that helps drivers fight summonses, said the majority of traffic agents are trying to do a good job even though there are a few bad apples.

It would be better to follow the agents whose tickets are always getting dismissed, he said.

“You weed out the guys that are abusing the system and you do that by tracking the tickets,” Berezin said.

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Side Parking Rules


Larry and Dan are passionate advocates for the Bills pending before the NYC Council to  significantly eliminate the pain of Alternate Side Parking.

At the (NYC Council) hearing, the bill received support from several Council members and individuals including livery cab advocates and a member of New York Parking Ticket, an advocacy group for motorists.” [Article by Noah Rosenberg]

Larry was interviewed for an article about parking in NYC published in a German newspaper


This is an image of a German newspaper article published ina German newspaperabout parking in NYC


nyc parking rules

“Today’s hearing was sponsored by the Council’s Transportation Committee jointly with the Committee on Sanitation and Solid Waste Management.  Among those present at the hearing in support of the proposed regulations were Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer and representatives from the Coalition for Parking Reform.  Another proponent of the legislation is Larry Berezin, who blogs about New York parking tickets.”

[Article by Naomi Cohn]

A follow-up hearing is planned.

parking rules

Larry appeared on the Errol Louis Morning Show on WWRL 1600 talk radio as a NYC parking ticket expert. Larry’s broadcast topic was “What do I do when my vehicle is towed?” Other parking ticket issues were discussed during a lively conversation between Larry, Erroll and listeners.


This is the cover of New York Magazine


Larry & Dan were contacted by a free lance journalist from New York Magazine to provide background information for an article on challenges faced by judges in administering parking ticket justice in NYC.

NYC parking tickets

“Brokelyn” has this to say about New York Parking Ticket…

IF WORST COMES TO WORST, LAWYER UP (Cost: free, or a share of the fines avoided)

When you do get hit by one of the 5,460 tickets, worth about $241,000 in fines, the city doles out every day, visit, run by lawyer Larry Berezin (check out his Youtube tip videos: the man couldn’t be more Brooklyn if he tried if he was slathered in red sauce and baked in an oven). His blog gives away a free, downloadable guide for fighting the three most common residential tickets, and also offers a step-by-step guide to navigating the city’s online appeal procedures. If you’re saddled with serious parking debt, his firm can also represent you formally before a judge, and claims only to charge a share of the fines beaten.

NYC parking tickets

Larry was a popular Community Blogger for Fox 5  News.


NYC parking tickets

Larry was asked for expert commentary by the NYCity NewsService about Mayor Bloomberg’s proposals to solve some of the myriad NYC parking ticket challenges. One such challenge was how to recover a significant portion of outstanding revenue owed by scofflaws. Here’s an excerpt:

“Lawrence Berezin, of New York Parking Ticket, a company that helps individuals and companies resolve outstanding tickets, backs an amnesty program.

‘It’s a no-brainer,” Berezin said. Nothing is working so far. Let people step forward and do the right thing.’ 

“Your Parking Ticket Might Be an Invasion of Privacy” interview larry about parking tickets

Larry was interviewed by Aaron Kase from “”about his take on the right of privacy and how the DMV is empowered to protect your data by the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act.

Parkers at Risk

Lawrence Berezin

Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa co-sponsored the DPPA in 1994 after hearing of a constituent who was threatened via mail after visiting a women’s health clinic. Anti-abortion activists obtained her personal information by looking up her vehicle in public transportation records.

“This real life example highlights why Palatine’s policies are so dangerous,” the Senne brief says. “It would not be a stretch to imagine the consequences of getting a parking ticket in Palatine and having a venomous group stalk that person because they happened to park in the wrong place like close to an abortion clinic, mosque, church or temple.”

The law is useful to protect people’s safety as well as staving off unwanted marketing solicitations. “You don’t want people to have access to everything the Department of Motor Vehicles has about you,” says Lawrence Berezin, a retired plaintiff attorney who runs the New York Parking Ticket website. “There are legitimate uses that it can be put to. But if you go beyond, you’re going to face a class action.”

Berezin notes that tickets in New York City, for example, only contain information about the car itself, not the owner. If a driver fails to pay, courts can use the vehicle information to track him down, suspend his license or issue a warrant.

“There are so many tools available to punish a delinquent parker,” the attorney says. “Why do you have to publish the whole address? It’s absurd.”

Berezin wrote about another DPPA case in front of the high court on his personal blog, in which attorneys used Freedom of Information Act requests to obtain addresses of people who had bought certain cars in order to query them about joining a class action lawsuit.

Some of the car owners took exception to being tracked down through public vehicle records and sued the attorneys. The Supreme Court heard arguments in January in Maracich v. Spears and will rule on whether the attorneys’ actions fell within a litigation exception in the law.

The court’s decisions on the DPPA will help clarify where the line falls between permitted uses of information and privacy violations. “Where does the right of privacy stop?” Berezin says. “You don’t want to put this person at risk because he got a parking ticket.”

Larry was interviewed for an article about broken muni meters published in AM New York

Larry was interviewed for his parking ticket expertise by AM New York

Larry was interviewed for an article about broken muni meters in AM New York