Where can I Park a Commercial Vehicle Overnight in NYC?

Where can I Park a Commercial Vehicle Overnight in NYC?

Brooklyn Heights parking ticket

Don’t park a commercial vehicle overnight in a NYC residential neighborhood

Our friend Joe squeezed out a few bucks making deliveries with his commercial truck in NYC. There isn’t a lot of profit built into a delivery during these difficult economic times. Every penny counts; and one $115 NYC parking ticket can be the difference between a winning and losing day.

So far, today is a win. Unfortunately, Joe’s luck is about to change.

No person shall park a commercial vehicle overnight in NYC on a residential street between 9:00 P.M. and 5:00 A.M.

The prohibition against parking on a residential street between 9:00 P.M.-5:00 A.M. contained in 34 RCNY 4-08(k)(6) raises a major headache:

  • How do you identify a commercial street where you can park between those hours?

The answer is, you are permitted to park your commercial vehicle between 9P-5A, subject to the provisions of 4-08(k)(5), on a street in a COMMERICAL DISTRICT. In other words, you have to look at the zoning maps of NYC and pick out the streets located in one of the eight districts zoned as commercial districts.


There is another rule that comes into play when parking your commercial vehicle between 9P-5A.

“4-08(k)(5) street storage of commercial vehicles prohibited. When parking is not otherwise restricted, no person shall park a commercial vehicle in an area, including a residential area, in excess of three hours.”

We have beaten parking tickets for our commercial customers for alleged violations of 4-08(k)(5) by persuading a parking ticket judge, with the proper documentation, the commercial vehicle was moved before the expiration of the 3 hours; and returned to a parking space on the same block.

Parking a commercial vehicle for more than 3 hours, without being able to prove you moved your vehicle, is verboten.

Another bump in the NYC highways and byways to be aware of.

Thanks guys for pointing this out!

May I suggest a starting point?

Learn a little bit about what constitutes a commercial district.

“Commercial activities in the city are permitted in eight commercial districts based on their functional similarities and locational requirements. Small retail and service shops in C1 and C2 districts serve the immediate needs of surrounding residential communities.

Larger stores with more goods and services are found in C4 districts, borough-wide regional retail centers like Main Street in Flushing and Fordham Road in the Bronx.

C5 and C6 districts, central business districts that serve the city, the region and the nation, are mapped in Midtown, Lower Manhattan, Downtown Brooklyn and Long Island City.

Three districts serve specific purposes: C3 for waterfront recreation, C7 for amusement parks and C8 for heavy repair shops and automotive uses.”

Here’s a link to the NYC Department of City Planning: Commercial Overview

Zoning Maps

Here’s a link to the NYC Department of City Planning: Zoning Maps

Between the Commercial Overview and Zoning Maps, you should be able to pick some space to park your commercial vehicle overnight without being issued a NYC parking ticket.

Exception to the rule

You are permitted to park your commercial on a residential street between the hours of 9:00 P.M. and 5:00 A.M., subject to the provisions of 4-08(k)(5), if you are actively engaged in a commercial enterprise at a premises located within 3 city blocks of where the summons was issued; and most importantly…Can prove it!

Here’s a sample of one of the zoning maps

NYP parking ticketovernight parking ticket


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    • says


      Great question.
      We used the client invoice that included our plate# and time of departure and time of delivery to persuade the Evil Empire that the vehicle left the parking space, returned, and didn’t violate the street storage rule.

      Any other ideas?


  1. Andres J. Garcia says

    How about limos with T&LC plates in residential streets of Queens, e.g. Sunnyside Gardens, NY ? Can they park overnight ? Please comment

    • says

      Good morning.
      Great question.
      Here’s the definition of “commercial vehicle” for purposes of parking in NYC:

      Definition of a Commercial Vehicle…

      For the purposes of parking, standing and stopping, a commercial vehicle is defined as a vehicle that bears commercial plates,

      and is permanently altered by having all seats and seat fittings, except the front seats, removed to facilitate the transportation of property (for vehicles designed with a passenger cab and a cargo area separated by a partition, the seating capacity within the cab shall not be considered in determining whether the vehicle is properly altered),

      and displays the registrant’s name and address permanently affixed in characters at least three inches high on both sides of the vehicle, with such display being in a color contrasting with that of the vehicle and placed approximately midway vertically on doors or side panels.

      Does your limo fit the definition?

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