How to Beat a NYC Parking Ticket when an Address doesn’t Exist

“Let your fingers do the walking”…on your computer!

NYC parking ticket finesI love to hear about parking ticket success stories from members of our NYC driving community. I received an email the other day from a great friend of New York Parking Ticket, that I’d like to share with you:

“Dear Larry,

I want to share with you an easy defense I just used successfully.  It is particularly satisfying because my entire argument was based on information provided by NYC government. The agent alleged in the complaint that my car was parked within 15 feet of a hydrant at a particular address.  I looked up the address on – which is the Building Information System.  The BIS returned the following message,


 I did a screen capture and uploaded the file, all on-line.  As you can see below, ” Defense is persuasive that location of alleged violation does not exist justifying dismissal.” It was gratifying that the City itself was kind enough to provide the tools of my defense.  I thought you would appreciate this one.

Best, Tom

NYC parking ticket hearing decision


Kudos to Tom. He was right, fought his parking ticket, used an official NYC resource to present the proper proof, persuasively, and WON!

Here is another resource/tool to you may wish to use to pile on the proofs…

Simply click on the screen grab and you’ll be whisked to the page on our website where the link to this resource/tool is available. (When you land on one of our resource pages, scroll to the bottom of the page. This link is below the “locate a parking sign” link. It’s entitled, “Find out whether a street address exists”).

NYPT find an address DOF website tool

TIP: I try to present two (2) types of evidence to prove an address doesn’t exist. For example, I’ll use the “Elvis Presly Defense,Google Maps with Street View, and here’s a fun one to try… I’ve been informed by other friends who have successfully used the US Postal tool for proving an address does not exist.

Remember: “Place of Occurrence” is a required element. If you present the proper proof, persuasively to a NYC parking ticket judge, your parking ticket will be dismissed. Yea!

How do you prove an address doesn’t exist? Share your success story with our driving community.

FREE Download: The Mayor’s Management Report for the Department of Finance (4pps). Some very interesting data…


  1. Emily says

    I recieved a hydrant ticket for parking at “At the intersection of N 100 FT W/OF 135TH ST.” According to google, this address does not exist (Google Maps directs me to Times Square!). Is this a valid defense?

    • says

      Good morning.
      Great question. Kudos for taking the time to research a defense for your parking ticket.

      The Evil Empire doesn’t care what Google says about the vitality of the place of occurrence entered on parking tickets. There are other ways to get their attention when the address is wrong (or doesn’t exist).

      There are three options bestowed upon a parking ticket warrior when it comes to entering addresses:
      1. Front
      2. Opposite
      3. Detailed

      In your case, the warrior attempted to enter a “detailed” description of the place of occurrence. The proper form is:

      N/S of 5th Avenue, 100 feet W of 135th Street. This stands for the North Side of 5th Avenue, 100 feet west of 135th Street. It is improper to describe a “detailed” place of occurrence without entering the side of the street where your chariot was parked.

      Ergo…You win! Yea.

      If it ’twere me, I would fight the parking ticket by mail. I would write to the judge…I plead not guilty because the place of occurrence was misdescribed on the parking ticket. The TEA improperly entered….

      Attached please find an image of the parking ticket with the misdescribed place of occurrence.

      Due to these circumstances, please dismiss this parking ticket.
      Thank you.
      Respectfully yours,

      Please let us know the outcome.
      Good luck.

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