Make these Parking Ticket Mistakes and your car will be towed

NYPT tow truck cartoon 300x168 Make these Parking Ticket Mistakes and your car will be towedOur little NYC parking ticket quizzes

I can’t thank you all enough for your participation in our 60 second, three (3) question quizzes (on Home page and Larry’s Blog). Your responses totally help me identify areas where we need to turbo-charge our parking ticket knowledge. Today we’re going to talk about the draconian act of towing your vehicle.

While the evil empire claims towing is about safety, our driving driving community knows better. “Revenue men” exist to collect revenue, period. Safety be damned.

All of NYC is a tow-away zone

I recently spoke with Ruth whose car was towed for an expired meter violation. A $45 NYC parking ticket on steroids morphed into a $230.00 parking ticket and tow monster. Once her car was snatched by the hook from her leased parking space, safety was restored to NYC parking ticket land. (and I got a bridge to sell ya).

Here’s a chart you may find helpful.

NYPT chart towing pix final Make these Parking Ticket Mistakes and your car will be towed

What if NY refuses to renew my vehicle registration?

According to the NYC DOT website:

Registration Clearance 
A Registration Clearance certifies your parking debt has been paid or the tickets have been dismissed. It allows you to obtain or renew your vehicle registration at the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in person. If you prefer to pay all of your parking judgment debt on line you will not receive a Registration Clearance however, you must also renew/register your vehicle on line with the DMV. Just pay your judgment debt on line and register your vehicle with the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles on line. (Note: After paying on line, you will have to wait up to 48 hours to register your vehicle with DMV for payments received before 6pm. For payments received after 6pm it will take up to 72 hours.)”


In jolly old England prior to the age of enlightment, a citizen could lose his hand for stealing a loaf of bread. Fast forward to the present time…A citizen in NYC can lose her car for an expired meter parking ticket. It’s like back to the future. This practice just plain sucks (pardon my French).

The only saving grace is if you beat your NYC parking ticket resulting in a tow, your tow charges will be refunded.

Here’s hoping you don’t have to be saved by grace. Park safely.

NYPT quality of life nyc council passes three bills sticky sticker muni meter late penalty copy 150x150 Make these Parking Ticket Mistakes and your car will be towedPlease share your towing experiences with our community. Did you beat your parking ticket and get your tow bucks back?

Here’s what the DOT says you have to do to renew your vehicle registration after paying your parking ticket judgments…(4 page document)

Simply click on the IMAGE to the left!

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