3 Sure-Fired Tips to Beat a NYC Parking Ticket

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How to significantly increase your chances to beat a NYC parking ticket Learning how to beat a NYC parking ticket takes relentless repetition. But, that doesn’t mean the repetition has to be exactly the same. We all have different styles of learning about stuff. For example, some of us process: With our eyes With our […]

NYC Parking Vigilantes

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NYC parking vigilantes-fair or foul? I receive a bunch of telephone calls, and comments on Larry’s Parking Ticket Blog about the evils of illegally saving parking spaces, blocking driveways, and all kinds of bad parking behavior. For example: There was the guy who punched a woman who was saving a parking space (not Ray Rice) […]

5 NYC Parking Rules you may have missed

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5 NYC parking rules you may not know Did you  know that… 1.  M(1) Wrong way parking prohibited. Except where angle parking is authorized, every vehicle stopped, standing, or parked partly upon a roadway shall be so stopped, standing or parked parallel to the curb or edge of the roadway. On a one way roadway […]

Don’t Fight NYC Parking Tickets without these 3 Free Resources

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Larry uses these 3 free resources to fight NYC parking tickets The best things in life are free, or so the song goes. And, when you’re fighting NYC parking tickets,  the best resources to win with are free. Larry’s top 3 choices for best in class are: NYC Serve E-Service Center NYC Department of Transportation […]

NYC Parking Ticket Quiz

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This is a NYC parking ticket quiz to measure your knowledge of the parking rules  and regulations Learning takes relentless repetition, especially when the subject of the NYC parking ticket quiz is parking rules and regulations. Below you’ll find an open website quiz containing: Questions Answers Links to blog posts about the subject matter of […]

An E-Mail Reminder to pay your NYC Parking Tickets?

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Would you benefit from an e-mail reminder from the Evil Empire to pay your NYC parking tickets? Can the Gotham City driving public sign up for a voluntary program to receive an e-mail alert whenever they are issued NYC parking tickets? Holy 10 million e-mail alerts! NYC Council Member Helen Rosenthal introduced a bill before […]

But All the other Cars didn’t have Parking Tickets

Line of cars with a parking ticket on only one car-social proof claims another victim

Parking tickets and social proof is a powerful psychological trigger to ignore I vividly recall a conversation I had with my father about a new baseball glove during my formative years in Maplewood, New Jersey. “All the other fathers bought their children new baseball gloves,” I groused. “I am not your friend’s father, I’m your […]

7 Reasons you didn’t get your Parking Ticket Dismissed

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Why didn’t Joe get his parking ticket dismissed? Unbeknownst to Joe, he parked his passenger vehicle in a commercial meter parking area, paid for the time, displayed his muni meter receipt on the dashboard, and went about his business. When he returned to his chariot, Joe found a parking ticket under the wiper. According to […]