NYC Parking Ticket Quiz

This image is two people thinking about answers to his NYC parking ticket quiz

This is a NYC parking ticket quiz to measure your knowledge of the parking rules¬† and regulations Learning takes relentless repetition, especially when the subject of the NYC parking ticket quiz is parking rules and regulations. Below you’ll find an open website quiz containing: Questions Answers Links to blog posts about the subject matter of […]

An E-Mail Reminder to pay your NYC Parking Tickets?

This is an image of batman and robin representing the holy e-mail alerts propsed by a new NYC Council Bill

Would you benefit from an e-mail reminder from the Evil Empire to pay your NYC parking tickets? Can the Gotham City driving public sign up for a voluntary program to receive an e-mail alert whenever they are issued NYC parking tickets? Holy 10 million e-mail alerts! NYC Council Member Helen Rosenthal introduced a bill before […]

But All the other Cars didn’t have Parking Tickets

Line of cars with a parking ticket on only one car-social proof claims another victim

Parking tickets and social proof is a powerful psychological trigger to ignore I vividly recall a conversation I had with my father about a new baseball glove during my formative years in Maplewood, New Jersey. “All the other fathers bought their children new baseball gloves,” I groused. “I am not your friend’s father, I’m your […]

7 Reasons you didn’t get your Parking Ticket Dismissed

This is an image representing a plea of not guilty to a parking violation

Why didn’t Joe get his parking ticket dismissed? Unbeknownst to Joe, he parked his passenger vehicle in a commercial meter parking area, paid for the time, displayed his muni meter receipt on the dashboard, and went about his business. When he returned to his chariot, Joe found a parking ticket under the wiper. According to […]

The New Street Cleaning Bill has a Hearing before City Council

This image is a hearing in the British House of Commons likened to a hearing at NYC Council

Testimony was taken about the new street cleaning bill by the Transportation Committee Is the second time a charm for the new street cleaning bill? The bill will enhance the quality of life for residents of NYC forced to relocate their cars on street cleaning days. The usual suspects appeared in opposition while forecasting doom […]

Is Parking Policy Working in NYC?

This image is a infographic of the various components of policy

Parking policy in NYC Parking policy in NYC falls under the auspices of the Department of City Planning. ¬† Here’s how the Department of City Planning views its mission: Where and how vehicles and bicycles are parked in the city is of interest for many people in the metropolitan area whether they own or drive […]

What does the Joker have in common with NYC Parking Tickets?

beat NYC parking tickets

The Joker and NYC parking tickets have a bunch of stuff in common Wikipedia describes the Joker, a Gotham City supervillain, as: One of the most iconic characters in popular culture, the Joker has been cited as one of the greatest comic book villains and fictional characters ever created.” I adored Heath Ledger’s portrayal of […]

Parking Ticket Tales from near and far

Parking tickets cause a wide range of emotions

Parking ticket tales can be scary, entertaining, maddening, and educational One thing is for sure, if a large enough group of people develop pain, innovative entrepreneurs will devise a solution and market it. Have you ever suffered the slings and arrows of a camera ticket? These are the missives we receive in the mail from […]