3 Really Dumb Questions to ask about NYC Parking Tickets

This image is two people thinking about answers to his NYC parking ticket quiz

The subject of NYC parking tickets generates a whole bunch of questions NYC parking tickets are fraught with passion, exasperation, and questions. I’ve experienced all three. Here are some questions to cogitate. 1.  What day of the week does “Black Friday” fall on this year? Black Friday is the official start of the holiday season […]

3 Costly Parking Ticket Mistakes & How to Fix ‘em

This is a quote, "always make new mistakes" which is the subject matter of this blog post

These 3 recurring parking ticket mistakes will cost you a bunch of money The Evil Empire is betting against the NYC driving public, and winning big time. Approximately 6M parking tickets are paid “no questions asked” every year. In other words, lazy wins. I urge you to carefully examine your parking ticket for omitted, misdescribed, […]

Are you Shocked to Learn about Towing Abuse in NYC?

This image is a police tow truck with a parking ticket quota sign below

NYPD supervisors are promoting towing abuse in NYC with strong-arm tactics An article published in the NY Daily News last year about towing abuse in NYC by quota-minded police supervisors blew past me in a cloud of boots. However, with the holiday season approaching and Black Friday just around the corner, it’s a good time […]

New York Parking Ticket Freebie Friday

This image is freebie Friday about a promotion New York Parking Ticket is running on Friday

New York Parking Ticket offers “Freebie Friday” on…Friday November 7, 2014 One of my all-time favorite comedy characters was Emily Litella. I cracked up at the mention of her name. Here’s how Ms. Littela would have announced “Freebie Friday.” Emily:   “What’s all this fuss I keep hearing  about Frisbee Friday? Who cares about frisbees […]

Will these 4 Exciting Parking Laws see the Light of Day?

This image is a new parking law under the glare of lights

Here are 4 proposed parking laws waiting for approval from the NYC Council I love peering behind the NYC Council pending legislation curtain to check out the new and not so new arrivals. There are proposed bills that I know will never, ever, garner sufficient support to become laws. While other pending bills may. Let’s […]