Parking Ticket Tales You Don’t Want To Miss

Parking ticket bedtime story starts with once upon a time...

Parking ticket tales from home and abroad After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” ― Philip Pullman. I lovingly remember my daughter’s bedtime as a time for storytelling. She’d nestle under the covers and wait for me to begin…Once upon a time, a long, long time ago….Her […]

Parking Ticket Provokes Rickshaw Driver to Set Himself on Fire

This image is parking ticket rage exhibited by a man behind the wheel of his car

Parking ticket enrages rickshaw driver A parking ticket ignited a horrific chain of events involving a Chinese rickshaw driver and parking ticket warrior. Guo Huang, 43, was setting down a passenger when he spotted the traffic officer writing him a ticket for illegal parking in a no parking zone in the city of Tangshan in […]

How I Apply Parking Rules and Beat NYC Parking Tickets

This is a stamp signifying to know the parking rules that regulate parking in New York City

A parking rule violated is a parking ticket dismissed There are myriad (love the word) parking rules that regulate NYC Parking Ticket Land. Parking rules are promulgated by: The Commissioner of the Department of Transportation Darth Vader of the Evil Empire These rules govern every aspect of our life from the time our car grabs […]

Get Rid of Fire Hydrant Parking Tickets Once and For All

nyc parking ticket law, beat nyc parking ticket

Fire hydrant parking tickets will cost you $115 Fire hydrant parking tickets are expensive, dangerous, and totally avoidable. I urge you to formulate a fire hydrant parking strategy and adhere to it, especially since there more than 109,800 fire hydrants in the five boroughs to artfully dodge. Here’s where it all started: New York City’s […]

Lincoln and Washingon’s B-Days are Parking Holidays in NYC

This image shows what happens on street cleaning days when the sweeper passes in a NYC neighborhood

Lincoln and Washington’s B-days are legal parking holidays in NYC You can thank our former presidents for freedom of sleep on the following days: Thursday February 12, 2015 Monday February 16, 2015 Do you think these amazing Presidents knew that alternate side parking rules would be suspended on their birthdays? Nah. Thank you, Mr. President! […]

3 NYC Parking Ticket Blunders to Avoid

Resist the temptation of getting a NYC parking ticket-Mae West

NYC parking ticket blunders will cost you money…a bunch of money What’s the difference between  “cracking a few laws” and a NYC parking ticket blunder? The difference is that a “crack” can be fixed, while a blunder is written in stone. Pay up and move on. For example, if you purchase muni meter time, and […]