Valuable Information about NYC Parking Ticket Laws

NYC parking tickert lawsWhere do NYC parking ticket laws live?

When the NYC Council passes a new parking ticket law, and the new law is signed by Mayor Bloomberg, or the Mayor’s veto is overridden by the Council; you can visit the new law in the NYC Administrative Code. Here’s a link to the Code that is up-dated.

Once you arrive, scroll down the page to Title 19: Transportation, where you’ll find Chapters 1-7 and sub chapters 1-3 (under Chapter 1) with links to the laws. Here’s what it looks like.

NYC administrative code for parking tickets

Next, you may wish to check out sub chapter 2: Parking and Other uses of Streets.

Here’s what you’ll find…

NYC administrative code parking tickets

Next, lets find the law that requires the DOT to create a page on the NYC Gov website posting all parking signs/regulations on a city block-by-block basis

click on 19-175.1 and here’s what you’ll find

NYC adminstrative code-175.1

Thus the NYC Council mandated the creation of a priceless tool for the driving community, which you can access on our website. Simply click on this link.

Here are two laws you should read and remember…

FREE Download (5pps)

  • 19-175.2 The Notification of changes in parking restrictions.

  • 19-207 Judgments.

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